Nicolas Cilins: Stalin’s World
Kunstmuseum Bern @ PROGR

Credit Suisse förderpreis videokunst 2014
Kunstmuseum Bern

W.J.T. Mitchell, What do pictures want?
A french translation @ Les Presses du Réel

Unter 30 (catalogue)
Le commun, Bâtiment d'art contemporain, Geneva
December 13, 2013 > January 24, 2014

Gymnase nihiliste
CAC Brétigny, France

Sletto & Corso, 20e biennale de Selestat, France
September 22 > October 27 2013

Swiss Art Awards, Basel, Halle 4
June 11 > June 16 2013

Premiere of Moroccan Archaeologies
@ FID (International Documentary Festival), Marseille
July 5th > July 9th 2012

Paper Jam #2
Project initiated by Charlotte Seidel and Emile Ouroumov

Cabaret Voltaire | Zürich | 31 Mai 2012
marke 6 - Gallery of Bauhaus-Universität | 14 Juin 2012
Le commissariat chez Treize | Paris | 27 Juin 2012

As a curator
Sabrina Biro, La Belle contrainte
Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, FR
Opening July 5, 2013
Discipline & Punish
Discipline and Punish deals with my encounter with a Swiss prison keeper that reflects on his sexual fantasies as a response to the power he has over...
Waiting for the Barbarians
'Waiting for the Barbarians' is a purpose-built freestanding panoramic display. Referencing the infinite repetition of framed still images typical of...
Stalin's World: Film
"It all started when I met Viliumas Malinauskas, a former Lithuanian wrestling champion and collective farm director who became a businessman after the fall of...
Stalin's World : Photographs
A serie of photographs from the Grūto park that is often called «Stalin’s World». With its children games and zoo, it might look like an amusement park...
Pieces of evidence
An on-going serie of black and white A4 pages featuring empty walls, museum store rooms and other dead artefacts. First showed as part of PaperJam2, a...
Moroccan Archaeologies
At the beginning of the 20th century in Tangier, a French archaeologist found and stole some small terracotta idols consecrated to a prehistorical phallic...
A site-specific installation made of light boxes inserted into the pre-existing windows of the room with the sound of the neon frequency amplified within the...
Untitled (Box)
2009 wood, spy-hole, miniature trees, plexiglas The piece consists of a wooden rectangular box with handles on two sides, by help of which the viewer can...
Holy Holes
In-situ installation enlighting the hole as a fundamental element in architecture. These holes are the ones that we dig, hide, fill or walk around; the...
The African Star
In-situ installation made out of wood, props, prints and collages that suggest an under-construction section of the contemporary art museum of Tampere...
Third History
Set of 8 frames containing found book pages from Jules Verne's books associated with a software-made summary of Nicolas Sarkozy's Dakar discourse in 8...