Film, 45’
Adi and Florin come from Romania. They are "illegals", earning money from escort services in various Geneva gay bars. Dissociated from reality through the use of a blue movie screen background, they reenact their own experiences and talk about their dreams of money and cinema.
By playing with ideas and stereotypes of masculinity as represented by Adi and Florin, two members of the Roma community, the film seeks to explore the gap of shared experience and misunderstanding between its players and its audience.

D’origine roumaine, Adi et Florin sont deux garçons « sans papiers » qui vendent leurs services dans les bars gays de Genève. Isolés sur fond uni en studio, ils jouent leur rêve de cinéma et d’argent à partir de leurs expériences. En mettant en jeu les stéréotypes de la masculinité dans la communauté Rom, incarné par ces deux garçons, le film travaille l’expérience du tournage et les malentendus qui nous sépare d’eux.

Gineva (2015), video extract, 4'35

A film by Nicolas Cilins
With Adi & Florin
Editing: Dominique Auvray
Filming: Nicolas Cilins & Felipe Monroy
Translation: Irina Ionita
Sound mixing: Philippe Ciompi
Thanks to: Arnaud & Bertrand Dezoteux, Yan Duyvendak, Dominique Fabre, Iulia Hasdeu, Christophe Kihm, Hakim Mastour, Sophie Pagliai, Jean Perret, Lina Saneh
Supports: FCAC, Fonds cantonal d'art contemporain, Genève and HEAD, Geneva University of Art and Design