Nicolas Cilins
Talk to me!
Digital durational performance: on-demand workers, monitor on stand, conference hardware and software
On-demand workers from digital labour platforms Upwork, Fiverr, and People per hour have been hired to talk to visitors during the entire exhibition period in real-time. Academics call them ghost workers of platform capitalism, since they are rendered anonymous, providing invisible content and services to tech companies and A.I. development. In the installation, they are given a face and provided with a space to recount their own stories and experiences from their homes in Benin, Jamaica, Indonesia, and England. They are paid the same hourly rate regardless of the country they live in.

Des travailleurs à la demande recrutés sur des plateformes de travail en ligne comme Upwork, Fiverr et People per hour sont engagés pour parler aux visiteurs en temps réel pendant toute l'exposition. Ceux que les universitaires appellent parfois les travailleurs fantômes, ceux qui façonnent le contenu et les services pour les entreprises technologiques et autres intelligences artificielles parlent de leurs expériences depuis chez eux au Bénin, en Jamaique, en Indonésie ou en Angleterre. Ils sont payés au même taux horaire quelque soit le pays où ils vivent.

▶ Talk to me!, digital lecture @ Bern and Vienna Academies of Fine Arts, 2022, 78’

With the live participation of Justin Bartley (born in Jamaica 2003, works in Negril), Karen Cooper (born in UK 1968, works in Nottingham), Regina Houedanou (born in Benin 1985, works in Porto Novo), Radithya Febriani (born in Indonesia 1996, works in Jakarta)

Artistic advisor: Yan Duyvendak
Installation views: Guadalupe Ruiz, Swiss Art Awards 2021, Federal Office of Culture
Other pictures and documentation: Nicolas Cilins
Supports: FCAC Fonds Cantonal d'Art Contemporain, République et canton de Genève et FMAC Fonds Municipal d'Art Contemporain de la Ville de Genève